Local History Books.

Local History Books

The following list of local history books are available to view in our archives and may be available for purchase in our Local-Motive Gift Shop. We have many more local history books not listed here, which are available for viewing as well. Materials are not available for loan.

Memories: Agassiz, Harrison Hot Springs & Harrison Mills

Agassiz-Harrison Historical Society. (2001). Memories: Agassiz, Harrison Hot Springs & Harrison Mills. Agassiz: B.C.: Agassiz-Harrison Historical Society.

  • Our very own 2 volume set detailing the history of Agassiz, Harrison Hot Springs, & Harrison Mills. With information on local businesses throughout history to the pioneer families whose descendants still live in our town, this set is the source on all things to do with our local history.

A History of Harrison Hot Springs by John Green

Green, J. (2004). A History of Harrison Hot Springs. Agassiz, BC: Agassiz-Harrison Historical Society.

  • Dedicated solely to chronicling the history of the world famous resort town of Harrison Hot Springs, this book tells the story of the village from start to end.

The Agassiz Harrison Valley by J.J. Woods

Woods, J. (1986). The Agassiz-Harrison Valley. Chilliwack, BC: McCott Publishing Co.

  • A book detailing the history of the Agassiz-Harrison Valley through the eyes of J.J. Woods, who lived in the area for many years.

Memories of Pioneer Life in British Columbia: A Short History of the Agassiz Family by Florence Goodfellow

Goodfellow, F. (1982). Memories of pioneer life in British Columbia: A short history of the Agassiz family. Hope, BC: Canyon Press.

  • A short book in which Florence Goodfellow recounts the memoirs of her life as a pioneer in the Agassiz family for which our town is named.