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A Heritage of Hops – Community Memories Online Exhibit

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For 60 years hops, a basic ingrediant in beer, were the main industry in the Agassiz Area of British Columbia. At the height of the business, 300 acres of a total holding of 450 acres were planted with hops. In 1948 the hop fields were desimated by flood water and the yards sold four years later

The first hop yards, planted in 1892, belonged to the B.C. Hop Company and were managed by Supt. George Hammersly, Capt. W.E. Green and Messre, Sitch, and Lane
Stationmaster”s Office & CPR Caboose

Step inside our 1949 steel CPR caboose and learn what it was like to live and work on a train in these times. Then when you are finished, enter the museum and see the stationmaster’s office. Set up just as if it were still an operating station, see the history of the Canadian Pacific Railway in Agassiz through the eyes of the many stationmasters that have been posted here over the years. The office contains everything from signal lamps to CPR communication devices and even the story of Billy Miner, a train robber and master criminal, who was known to frequent the Agassiz area. You will soon find yourself an expert on all things CPR after this experience.